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Private Pilot License


  • • You can act as Pilot In Command of an aircraft while carrying passengers
  • • You may act as PIC of a charitable, non-profit, or community event flight
  • • You may demonstrate an aircraft in flight to a prospective buyer if the pilot demonstrating has 200 hours of flight time and is an aircraft salesman.
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Instrument Rating


  • • You gain the ability to fly in weather conditions below VFR minimums
  • • Permits you to fly by reference to instruments under instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) or on an IFR flight plan
  • • Earning your instrument rating will help to make you a safer pilot
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Commerical Pilot License


  • • You can fly for hire or compensation.
  • • Permits you carry persons or passengers for compensation or hire.
  • • You can hone your skills as a pilot past private and instrument.
  • •Increases your marketability
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Our Goal

Our main goal is to make flight training in the DFW area accessable and fun. We strive to help you become a great pilot and become an easy choice for airlines to hire.

Career Opportunities

Career oppertunities for a commercial pilot license graduate:

Flight instructor, Airline Pilot, Charter Pilot, Corporate Pilot, Fire Fighter, Crop Duster, Military, Government, Air Ambulance, Scenic Tour Pilot, Bush Pilot, etc.