Instrument Rating

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With a Instrument Rating:

  • • You gain the ability to fly in weather conditions below VFR minimums
  • • Permits you to fly by reference to instruments under instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) or on an IFR flight plan
  • • Earning your instrument rating will help to make you a safer pilot
  • And more...


You Must:

    • • Hold a Private Pilot (or higher) certificate
    • • Read, speak, write, and understand English
    • • Pass a test on aeronautical knowledge test
    • • Complete the required flight training for the course
    • • Pass a practical test with a Pilot Examiner by Meeting or exceeding the criteria in the FAA Instrument Rating Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
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You can choose to pay as you go or in full

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*Pricing based on students having already 30 hours of cross-country PIC flight time.
**Save money by buying flight hours in bulk! Contact for more details
***The above minimums are FAA minimums. On a national average students take 45-50 hours to complete the Instrument Rating Course
****We will help students get in touch with examiners but knowledge test and DPE fees vary so they are the student's responsibility.
*****Students are responsible for purchasing renters insurance
******Pricing is subject to change.

• Online based ground school is used to cover the Theory/Knowledge portion as well as the knowledge test. If a one on one ground school is needed, the additonal cost of $60/hour will be charged to the student.